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Tuesday October 26th 2021

Party Planning for Beginners

Foodies and Partiers

The main aim of all social get-togethers is to make the mingling of people enjoyable. While many parties have specials like birthdays, board-games, karaoke, singles-mingle, sports etc, all of them have a common ground rule; food. No party is complete without food and drinks, be it beer and pizza or tea and biscuits. Every party has to have a platter of food and from here come some inspirational themes for parties that you might want to host.

Party Planning for Beginners

Party Planning for Beginners

First and foremost, it is essential to choose the occasion wisely before choosing the menu. For example, it is not advisable to select an elegant continental fare for a kid’s birthday party. Secondly, when selecting the menu, one should always make sure that every dish compliments another and the tastes don’t clash too much. An example of that would be to having a mix menu of Chinese Hakka noodles with Sambhar. The host/hostess has to remember that he/she is not serving for an all-you-can-eat-buffet at a restaurant, so care has to be taken while planning the menu. Finally, one should also take into consideration the guest list, whether or not the guests would like the prepared food. One can have the perfect occasion, great menu but the wrong kind of crowd, for example, you cannot have all hot spicy Indian food when you’re inviting over your American co-workers who have never tasted Indian food before.

Here are some ideas worth trying out:

For a Holi party or any Indian holiday party, it is always great to have an Indian fast food themed menu. The menu includes: Golguppas (Panipuri) ; Aloo Tikkis; Samosas-Chaat; Pav Bhaaji; Bhel; Cutlets; Dhokla; Dahi Vada; Idli; Paneer Pakoda ; Vegetable Puffs. For dessert, kulfi or ice-cream is the best bet, since all of the above is very spicy.

For a proper North India dinner where one has invited a few families, while planning a menu it is essential to make sure that one knows whether the guests prefer a non-veg or veg menu. Accordingly, one has to plan whether to make a Chicken Biryani or a Veg Biryani. And if you do make Biryani, then you have to make sure that a Raita is prepared too. Generally for such occasions one should make sure that there are 1-2 appetizers (pakodas /bread roll/samosa/chips-dip), 1 rice dish (biryani/pulao/jeera rice), 1 bread item (nan/roti/paratha) , 1 dal (dal-fry/rajma/chole/makhani), 2-3 sabzis (1 dry and 1 curry at least) 1 non-veg item if applicaple, raita and salad. For dessert, any mithaii or even sevai or kheer would be good.

There was one party that I had attended which was a combo party. It was a potluck and every dish had a complimentary dish with it. All cuisines were intermingled. However since it was a New Year’s party and there was a mixed crowd, it worked very well. The menu was: Chana-Batura; Veg Noodles- Gobi Manchurian; Lemon Rice-Rasam; Burger-Fries; Pasta Fettuccini -Salad; Falafel-Hummus. There were some more platters, all unique and delicious.

To conclude, anyone can spice up their party by spicing up the menu. If you can’t cook all of it, go for a potluck party and make the menu eclectic, fill in the blanks that your guests are not doing and you will have a great set of dishes on your dining table. Have a blast!

Posted by vojha; V. Ojha is a guest author for JantaReview Blog. She resides in Michgan, USA.

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