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Royal Academy School Royal Academy School- Rating and Reviews
One of the best school in Udaipur
Review: I have been to many schools but royal academy is not like others they are providing excellent facilitie..
Seedling School Seedling School- Rating and Reviews
Good Teaching Standard; Poor Student Care
Review: Children in the primary grade carry bags containing 20-25 books!!!
Are they teaching students OR re..
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 Plan your vacation on a budget

December 14, 2009  

Vacations can be a lot of fun, stress free and non-budget breaking with a little planning and resourcefulness. Here are some tips and ideas to get most out of your vacation. Do your research Learn about the place you want to visit, make a list to places to see, shop and eat (esp. if you […]

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IIM Udaipur commissions study into increase of 'cringe content' - The Indian Express

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IIM Udaipur commissions study into ‘cringe content’ | Education News - The Indian Express

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