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Forum Topic - How to reach Badkhal Lake

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Sep 03 2011 09:59 AM

Subject: How to reach Badkhal Lake

How to reach Badkhal Lake
Mar 12 2012 01:08 AM

anrdrew f
Re: How to reach Badkhal Lake

The Badkhal Lake is a natural lake situated in Faridabad,Haryana at a distance of approximately 32 km from Delhi.Badkhal lake as beautifull sorroundings of Aravali hills the Badkhal Lake presents a lovely picturesque sight. It takes just a 30-minutes drive to reach Badkhal lake from Delhi.

Badkhal Lake is also a bird watchers paradise. Numerous species of local birds as well as migratory birds can be seen around the lake. The lake, which is breathtaking in its beauty, is also a popular picnic spot. Badkal Lake, near Delhi, is surrounded by magnificently landscaped gardens at Hotel Mayura , There are many facilities offered near the lake. One of them is a deluxe bath complex complete with swimming pool and sauna facilities. Other facilities include Restaurant, Bar, Conference hall, Filling station, kiosks with snacks, etc. Horse riding , camel riding options are also available around Badkhla lake.

Badkhal lake has very less water currently but staill known for a very good picnic spot in NCR and places around Delhi.Badkhal lake is a natural lake surrounded by hilly areas of the Aravali hill range in Haryana.
Initially Badkhal lake was totally dried up because of low rainfall and some blockage in water sources , but in year 2010 Badkhal lake has received some water
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Mar 14 2012 04:54 AM

Re: How to reach Badkhal Lake

The Badkhal Lake is located in Faridabad (Haryana)and i think have distance from delhi 32 Km, really very nice and great lake i am also like it.. if you want to get more information about it than visit on..India wildlife Tour | India Tour
Nov 16 2012 08:17 AM

alok s
Re: How to reach Badkhal Lake

I have been to this lake in 2009, It was actually disappointing to see that there is not much water in the lake.. is there any improvement now?? otherwise view is very good.
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