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 Joined: Jul 08 2013
lions of punjabi, Tivoli, stinks with rotten food, never visit. hair strands found in food.
Posted on Mon 8 Jul 2013

worst place to eat out is lions of punjab, its very noisy place with noises of wedding dhols and baraats, bad n rotten food is served which is for sure the leftover food from weddings of tivoli. their ac is always switched off you keep looking for waiters but there is no one to pay attention to guests and take order. never visit this place i had horrible experience as my daughter found strands of hair in her plate of biryani. ughhhhh...shit place it is we waisted our money for nothing.
Some senior manager i am forgetting the name i think name is murid is very bad mannered and staff very impolite. They take several hours in bringing food and by the time it reaches your table its cold n soggy. They should close this place which serves the.... read more

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