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1. Reviewed Maa Shakti Hospital83 months ago.


Maa Shakti Hospital
Horrible experience, Clean Hospital with Illiterate & un professional staff
Posted on Mon 14 Feb 2011

It is Sad to say that the condition of hospitals in orissa is not at all changed, My experience at Maa shakti hospital is really horrible, apart form a clean hospital i dont think there is anything else that a patient should go for. The lower level staff( Nurses ) are good but totally un professional, & has no idea of what they are doing. Behaviour of few nurses are in human & painfull , the worst part is that when i spoke to the doctor
( incharge of the hospital, )about the problem he was so deffencive & arogant that he even didnt listen to the problem & went out, the only doctor who was dealing with care & professionalism was the PAEDIATRICIAN

out, I request people not to visit this hospital as am sure you will also have the same problem. I know the owner/Doctor or the MD of the hospital willnt read this review but its a request to the management that do the business( we dont mind paying money at all for our family) but with little humanity & professionalism which is totally missing . Lastly hope that at least some body from hospital will react to the review

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