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Zafraan Restaurants Reviews Zafraan Restaurants Zafraan Restaurants- Rating and Reviews
Zafraan Restaurant
Review: What to say dil bagh bagh ho gaya to see such a delicious food in Aligarh.

Love to visit again..
Pathak Cafeteria Pathak Cafeteria- Rating and Reviews
Sell of expired icecream
Review: I have very bitter experience with this fast food Restra,sold me expired pack of icecream.will not sugg..
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 The Spirit of Mumbai

December 3, 2009  

The first thing that hits you when you get to Bombay, or rather Mumbai is how vibrant the city actually is. I took a flight from Kolkata and arrived at Chatrapati Shivaji Airport in the morning. The Indian Airlines Industry is going through a revolution these days, they have excellent service, very affordable tickets, helpful customer service , mostly new planes and the flights run on schedule.

..more >>

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