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Machhlishahar Inter College Machhlishahar Inter College- Rating and Reviews
admiring my friends school.
Review: Very good learning center. its 5 kilometre far away from my village jamuhar. very good teachers are the..
Niranjan Chemical Industry Niranjan Chemical Industry- Rating and Reviews
Review: Best Qulity of Rubber.
Plant is semi-automated, and control is electronic.
More then 150+ Emplo..

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 Trip to Varanasi

December 3, 2009  

Travelling by train after such a long gap seemed like an adventure and I leaped at the opportunity to visit the city of my alma mater and rediscover all the places with new eyes and newer outlook. Benaras, or Varanasi as it’s called by tourists;

..more >>

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UP: Two killed in road mishap in Jaunpur - The Indian Express

Student 'beaten to death by classmates' in Jaunpur - The Indian Express

Minister Manoj Sinha lays foundation stone for doubling, electrification of Aurihar-Jaunpur railway route - Times of India

Holding together India's e-commerce growth story with timely, doorstep delivery - Livemint

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