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DB Mall

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DB Mall

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Arera Hills, Zone 1, M P Nagar
Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh,462011

Phone No: 91 755 664 4999

Directions: Near Board Office, Opp.- M P nagar Zone-1
Locality: M P Nagar
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Sat - Sun: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
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7.5-lakh sq ft, Basement + Ground + 6 floors with 7 anchor shops, 180 Retail shops, 6-screen Fun Republic Multiplex and Food court.

Stores - FUN Cinemas, Shoppers Stop, KFC, HyperCity, McDonald's, Domino's, Pantaloons, ABH, BIG Life, Nike, PUMA, Addidas, Reebok, Max, The Chocolate Room, Westside, Amoeba, John Players, Spykar, World of Titan, Reliance Trends and many more...!!
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  kriti t
DB mall a bliss for Bhopalis  
Posted on Sat 4 Dec 2010

I’m truly happy about the DB mall. Being opened in Bhopal indeed a most awaited development in the capital of the city.
It has all major stores and the mall is in stage to take shape every week after its opening. I can still see some shops empty. ON the ground of designing it is at par with the international standards though dosent has the help sign boards at any floor so kind of inconvenient etc to explain the store locations in the Mall.Similarly u need to walk a lot in the malls the lifts r not as per the capacity and frequency of people traveling . The mall indeed takes advantage of its posh location thus creating traffic Jam often :).
Yes for MP it is first time viewing 3-4 stories of parking and they are actually charging s.....

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